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The design of the street pattern and public space has a strong influence on how comfortable people feel in the street and how safe they are. These aspects of social safety can easily be influenced by urban planning; by the design and layout of the street pattern and the public space. In creating safer and more liveable spaces, urban designers and their clients are not left empty-handed. They can use five basic principles that – in conjunction – will help to make the built environment more secure, more lively and enjoyable. These principles are:

  • make sure public spaces are really public; that they are accessible to residents, visitors and passers-by both on the urban and neighborhood level,
  • provide a clear structure of main roads through the neighborhoods,
  • create a road structure with sufficient spatial potential for local business and vital street life and make sure that the design is actually using this spatial potential,
  • create visibility, and
  • make sure that the public space is arranged in such a way that it looks attractive and contributes to a positive atmosphere.

Overall, it comes down to ensure accessibility, connectivity, vitality, visibility and identity. By applying these five principles, neighborhoods are created that are not only socially safer but also more lively and enjoyable.

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