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Scenario analysis


Consensus on findings

The problem assessment and analysis of the spatial and physical qualities lead to a large number of insights and preliminary answers to the key questions. The question now is to what extent these findings can be recognized by the client. What insights are new and which ones are surprising? The research findings may also lead to new questions among the researchers. To exchange the relevant information, the preliminary findings will be presented and discussed with all stakeholders. When consensus has emerged about the findings and interpretation, the next step is made and the attendees will be asked about their vision on possible solutions.


Calculation of the effects

The suggestions and instructions gathered during the presentation, are collected by the consultants and included in the analysis. In this analysis, different scenarios are developed and translated into quantified models which can be compared to the model of the existing situation. For each scenario it is described what measures are needed to achieve the desired situation and how they can best be implemented. Existing plans are incorporated as much as possible in the scenarios and quantified in terms of their effects.

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