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Spatial analysis


Calculation and visualisation

The spatial analysis provides insight into the qualities of an urban area at local and municipal level. The accessibility and connectivity of the area and the streets located therein can be calculated mathematically and – with color codes – put on a map. The same applies to the spatial potential for vital street life and economic activity, and that is important to determine whether the correct facilities are planned at the right place. Physical observations provide insight into the visibility relationships between buildings and passers-by and also that can be displayed on a map. The identity of a region (the character and atmosphere) is strongly dependent on the usefulness of the greenery, maintenance and the presence of marker elements.


New insights

By measuring and visualizing all this data, a realistic picture is created of the spatial qualities of an area. Thus it can objectively be determined where the weaknesses and where the strengths lie. What are the challenges and what are the opportunities? How is it possible, for example, that a shopping street that used to be successful is now visited so little? The spatial analysis provides insight and answers questions that until then remained unanswered.

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